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otrisPROJECTS GmbH is a subsidiary of otris software AG, Dortmund. With software development teams in Ulm and Dortmund, we support mid-sized and international businesses who want to fully exploit the potential of “Industry 4.0.” Our focus is on agile implementable solutions.

Increased Profitability – A Convincing Argument

otrisPROJECTS GmbH develops individual solutions for the software-supported networking of industrial equipment. Our core solution is the simple central management of equipment and machines. This results in increased cost-effectiveness over the entire lifecycle of the equipment from design to product, to commissioning, to service and maintenance. The technical basis for our own product and solutions portfolio product platform has been developed in close cooperation with our parent company. Based on this, we now offer our own product and solutions portfolio, which has been proven in the international corporate environment.


Our task is to support you in your processes. We achieve and guarantee this by providing you with 100% of our core competencies. Software development is first and foremost a though process. Do you already know the task at hand? Or have you recognized the need, but the task is not yet clear? This is where our though process begins.

The Ideal Customer Solution

Our goal is to development the ideal solution for our customers. Therefore, technical and business benefits are just as important to us as direct customer dialogue and streamlined project organization. We advise, accompany, and support you in determining requirements, and help you implement successful solutions. You can rely on us throughout the entire life cycle of a product.


[elise_timeline el_class=”font-blue”][elise_timeline_block title=”” date=”2008 – 2013″]Development of the Product Designer[/elise_timeline_block][elise_timeline_block title=”” date=”2009 – 2012″]Development of the  Technical Data Center (TDC) for the support of production processes[/elise_timeline_block][elise_timeline_block title=”” date=”2013 – 2014″]The expansion of our solution portfolio in the field of service processes. We provide opportunities for  diagnosis and monitoring both on-site and remotely.[/elise_timeline_block][elise_timeline_block title=”” date=”2015 – 2016″]Our newest development is the app for service technicians: Equipment Management Tool (EMT)[/elise_timeline_block][elise_timeline_block title=”” date=”2018″]Michael (Mike) Marsanu, managing director of otrisPROJECTS GmbH, died on December 22, 2018 after a serious illness.
Together with otris software AG, Mike founded the subsidiary otrisPROJECTS GmbH. As managing partner, he managed corporate development and operations. Due to his extraordinary skills as a computer scientist but also as a project manager and consultant, Mike acquired and managed major projects at home and abroad. Mike successfully focused on the future topic Internet of Things. Under his leadership, otrisPROJECTS developed solutions that help companies move forward: Systems for the software-supported networking of industrial plants.[/elise_timeline_block][/elise_timeline]

Success in Enterprise

otrisPROJECTS GmbH is an otris software AG company. otris software AG specializes in data and document management, with headquarters in Dortmund. The foundation of the subsidiary was the logical consequence of a long-standing partnership between otris software AG and Ulm entrepreneur Mike Marsanu. The joint venture unites experienced software teams in Ulm and Dortmund. Here, established core competencies in the fields of model-based software development, agile project management, embedded systems, as well as intuitive user interfaces for web and mobile design are brought together.

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Doctor of Engineering Christoph Niemann

is the co-founder and CEO of otris software AG. He is responsible for the JANUS division, as well as for the company’s finances and personnel. Dr. Niemann studied electrical engineering and information technology at the Ruhr-University Bocum. During his doctorate studios at the prestigious Chair of Software Engineering with Professor Dr. Helmut Balzert he pioneered the realization of one of the first tools for model-driven software development, which he subsequently developed to maturity and has continued to develop ever since. As the CEO of otrisPROJECTS GmbH he is responsible for the finance department.