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TDC – Technical Data Center

The TDC (Technical Data Center) is at the heart of EMF (Embedded Management Framework). It is responsible for managing the data for all of a manufacturer’s equipment over its entire life cycle – from planning and manufacturing, to assembly, testing and delivery to delivery and service.

Since the TDC is capable of centrally managing virtually any equipment model, it is possible to have a heterogeneous equipment portfolio all managed in one place.

TDC Architecture – Scalable Services and Interfaces

The TDC architecture is built from the ground up on scalable and flexible installation and business scenarios so that your personal solution can grow to your needs, even when that means connecting hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment.

The seamless integration of the TDC (Technical Data Center) into an existing IT infrastructure is guaranteed through numerous standardized interfaces. These include, for example, web services (both REST and SOAP), XML-based data exchange, native interfaces, and many more.

User-friendly and Intuitive Operation

Within a manufacturer organization there are many user groups that will interact differently with the TDC (Technical Data Center). Modern, web-based user interfaces make the TDC easy to use, even for thousands of users who only have access to relevant areas of the TDC in their daily workflows. The TDC offers extensive roll-based user authentication.

Individual Extensions – Flexible Adaptations

Functional extensions and individual adaptations of the TDC (Technical Data Center) to the business process of a manufacturer are made possible by consistent use of MDD (Model Driven Development) principals throughout the TDC.